Fiscal Represantatives

AVATAX A.E. acts as a fiscal representative for companies established in member states of the E.U. as well as in third countries (outside the E.U.), provided that these countries have a corresponding agreement with the E.U. As fiscal representatives we obtain on behalf of our clients a tax reference number from the tax authorities and keep their sales tax account as well as the relevant invoices and documents in our offices.


Tax consultancy

AVATAX A.E. is managing issues related to the greek as well as to the international taxation. We provide tax consultancy to companies and natural persons, offering domain specific solutions in all tax matters, as capital taxation, income taxation, sales taxation, stamp duty, inheritance taxation and transferring of assets. We have a lot of expierience in the pension field from abroad and issues related to immovable property.


Organising and supporting accounting offices of our clients

The accounting office is a very important part for the operation of a company, which must be built and organized very carefully and well thought-out, based on the specific needs of the company. If the accounting office is well organized, it can provide interested third parties with economical information of any kind related to sales, cost management etc., which helps to take right decisions for the development and the implementation of the company. Therefore the right operation of the accounting office not only prevent any irregularities and mistakes, but the figures given could be a significant tool for the management of the company.

AVATAX A.E. with its qualified accountants, who have years of expierience in this area, organises accounting offices of new companies, always in close cooperation with the client, and builds the structure of the accounting office. At the same time AVATAX A.E. provides services to companies, whose staff works every day with accounting operations without having any specific knowledge in this area.

We supervise and help our staff to withstand the daily difficulties in answering directly to any questions and issues arises, reducing the amount of their work and eliminating the probability of making an error.

Our accountants are preparing and signing the financial statements, they are helping with the tax audit, they are drawing up interim reports (reporting, cash flow, etc) on a monthly or quarterly base, or upon request.

A very important part of our work is to carry out ex ante tax controls on the books of our clients in order to correct any omission or irregularities, which could appear, so that our clients will be well prepared for any real tax control in the future. 



We are keeping the accounting records totally at our offices, using the most sophisticated accounting programmes and gives online access to our clients in order to supply them with informations about their company. In this way the companies will be diffused from complex work and become more productive and are concentrated exclusively in achieving their targets.